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Insurance Claim Fees

An administration fee will apply for the completion of all insurance claims. This fee is charged due to the amount of time associated with the administration of a claim following submission. This includes, but is not limited to, contacting insurance companies regarding outstanding claims, processing settlement payments and invoicing the customer for deductions made by the insurer.

Payment of the administration fee is required at the time of treatment, and in addition to any fixed policy excess that is due (where applicable, payment of any co-payment excess, e.g. 20%, will be requested following settlement of your claim). The administration fee is not claimable.

Where the pet receiving treatment is a member of the Pet Health Club at The Vet Centre, the administration fee will be waived.

Insurance Administration Fee: £23.00

Any non-insurance balances, for example vaccinations or treatment of a condition unrelated to that being claimed, will require payment in full at the time of treatment.

Please note, we do not process direct claims for all insurance companies. Please speak to a member of our team for confirmation of those companies with which we will be able to process a direct claim. Where we do not deal with your insurance company for payment directly, we will be happy to assist with submission of a pay policyholder (indirect) claim on your behalf, however full payment must be made to the practice at the time of treatment and before the claim can be submitted to the insurance company.

By offering a pay vet direct claim, we are not creating a contract between ourselves and the insurer. Any shortfalls or deductions made by the insurance company from the settlement, or any settlement disputes, will remain your responsibility. Any unpaid balances may be subject to late payment charges.

Above prices are correct as of 28/05/2024.
Prices are subject to change without notice.