Veterinary Care

At The Veterinary Centre, we are able to offer a wide range of services and treatments for your pet including:

Diagnostic Imaging


We have recently installed a state of the art digital x-ray machine. This is regularly used by all of our vets to investigate lameness, chest and abdominal problems, such as suspected ingestion of a foreign object among other conditions.

Pets must lie completely still in order to get a perfect image so this procedure is almost always performed under sedation or general anaesthetic. Following the procedure, your pet will be cared for by our nursing team who will regularly monitor them throughout their recovery.


We have also recently updated our ultrasound machine. This is a different type of non-invasive diagnostic imaging that allows us to examine soft tissue in your pet. Ultrasound is regularly used in the practice by all of our vets to aid diagnosis of conditions such as heart disease, pregnancy and bladder ailments.



We have a fully equipped theatre that is used daily to perform a wide range of surgical interventions on your pet. We offer routine operations such as spaying and castrations, as well as those that are more complicated and specialist.

All of our surgical procedures are performed under general anaesthetic and when the procedure is over, your pet will be well cared for by our nursing team.

Most routine operations are well enough to be cared for at home on the evening after surgery; however some may require overnight care, which we can arrange at either one of our out of hours centres (Vets Now or The Small Animal Hospital).


We offer free dental checks for your pet, as well as a wide range of dental treatments. We have a modern, state of the art dental machine to perform plaque removal and tooth extractions. All of our dental procedures are performed under general anaesthesia.


Laboratory Diagnostics

We offer a range of in house laboratory tests on:

  • Biochemistry – analysis to investigate organ function
  • Urine Analysis – to aid diagnosis of infections, kidney function and the presence of crystals
  • Skin Analysis – scrapings can be viewed under microscope to look for lice, mites, etc.

If your pet requires in depth or specialist laboratory diagnostics, we send samples to one of our external laboratories and should receive results often within 24 hours, but not exceeding 5 days.


We have 2 fully equipped hospitalisation areas. This allows us to separate cats and dogs, or infectious diseases from routine operations.

Our hospitalisation area is used daily for pets receiving planned and routine operations. Upon admission, your pet will be made comfortable and a pre-med administered to help them relax before surgery.

Our team of nurses and animal care assistants will monitor your pet both before and after surgery by checking their heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature, as well as taking them for toilet breaks and feeding.

We also admit acute cases to our hospitalisation area and provide the necessary care to help them recover from illness or injury. We are fully trained and prepared to deal with a range of acute conditions on an emergency basis.

Whether your pet is admitted for an operation or acute condition, one of our animal care assistants will monitor them during their stay and our team of dedicated veterinary nurses will ensure that your pet is comfortable, while receiving the highest quality of care.

As a team of animal lovers, we are experts in TLC and cuddles. Every animal that enters the practice is treated as one of our own.



If we cannot attend to your animals needs in house, we can arrange referral to an excellent recommended specialist.

We have developed alliances to specialists in a range of physical conditions and animal behaviour.