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Puppy Classes

We offer puppy classes covering a number of puppy training lessons

Did you know that a puppy’s learning and development phases begin at birth and last to 16 weeks of age? During this time, it’s important to teach them how to be a member of a harmonious household. Here at The Veterinary Centre, we offer courses of puppy training to help you make the most of these learning and development phases as an owner. Enrolling your puppy in a puppy class course is a great way for you to learn basic training tips, whilst also allowing your puppy to socialise in a safe environment.

Puppy classes are based on positive reinforcements, with lots of rewards and praise.

Every puppy class we teach covers a number of different lessons. The lessons include:

  • Introducing click and reward 
  • Introducing veterinary equipment - nail clippers, clippers, stethoscopes, muzzles, ear thermometers 
  • Building confidence on different surfaces - bubble wrap, tarpaulin, ball pits, tunnels
  • Calmness - learning how to settle on place mat, and relax around other dogs 

Each week we repeat these lessons, reinforcing what your puppy learned the previous week. During the course your puppy will build confidence around routine vet equipment, learn to be calm around other dogs, and be at ease with veterinary staff and new people. Most importantly these classes are a great opportunity for your puppy to have lots of fun!

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