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At the practice we offer microchipping to all dogs (over 8 weeks old), cats (over 10 weeks old) and rabbits (from 5-6 months onwards).

What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the quick insertion of a small chip just under your pet’s skin. This chip carries a fifteen digit code which, when input into an online database, will bring up you and your pet’s details. These details may be updated by you, should you move, change contact details or transfer ownership of the pet. The online database is used to trace a pet back to their owner should they ever be lost or stolen.

Microchipping is common practice in veterinary practices across the UK, and should only ever be carried out by a registered, trained veterinary nurse or surgeon.

Note: Microchipping is not a form of GPS, but rather contains a link to basic contact information about the pet and the pet’s owner. Only an animal healthcare employee may access this information, providing they have the code.

Will it hurt my pet?

Not significantly. The chip is very small – similar to a grain of rice – so it may sting a little, but we do our very best to distract pets with biscuits and cuddles whilst the microchip is inserted, and many pets do not bother. The whole procedure lasts less than a minute and the benefits of having a microchip far outweigh any brief nip.

Why should I microchip my pet?

When stray animals are found, the first thing a vet or rescue centre does is scan the animal for a chip. If a chip is present, the code on the chip can be used to search for the pet’s owner or traced back to the veterinary surgery where the chip was implanted.

The chip’s purpose is to reunite any lost or stolen pet’s with their owners.

As of April 2016, all puppies over 8 weeks of age must be chipped and registered by UK law. As dogs should not be leaving their mum before eight weeks, this responsibility normally lies with the breeder. However, we do recommend all dog owners check with their vet that their puppy has been chipped and that the details logged do match with the new family.

Due to the number of cats that are lost in the UK every year, we strongly recommend that all cat owners also consider microchipping their pet. It really can make all the difference if ever your furry friend escapes, becomes lost or disorientated, or is involved in an accident.

Do I need to do anything?

Keep ahold of your pet’s chip number, in case you ever need it – though we can re-scan your pet for a reminder of the chip code.

While the practice will log your details into the pet database initially, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep these updated moving forward. It is important to do so should you ever change contact numbers, move house or change ownership of the pet. Depending on the database in which your pet’s chip is registered, there may be a small charge for doing this.

If you would like to book your pet in to be microchipped, or you would like to check your pet’s chip, give the practice a call on 01413391228. Alternatively, you can book a quick appointment with a member of our nursing team online.

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