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Adopting a Dog

Anna Formstone, one of our vets at the practice, recently adopted Phoebe the lurcher. Here are some of her tips when going through the rescue process:

1. Be Realistic

Consider what type of dog is going to suit your lifestyle – how will it fit in? What are you going to be able to offer?

For example, Anna chose the Lurcher breed as she knew she would have to take the dog to work, and so wanted a breed of dog who would be comfortable and content in our workplace. Lurchers are known for not being too high energy and so don’t need to be walked consistently throughout the day.

2. Remember, any Dog is a Gamble

Whether you adopt from a smaller charity within the UK or opt for a dog coming from abroad, there are no guarantees that the rescue process will be smooth.

Many international charities claim to be vet checked even though they aren’t, and so many animals are travelling to the UK with diseases and undiagnosed health conditions. Also, it is very important to make sure that the dog you are adopting has been fostered before coming into your household, this way they will be somewhat used to, and more comfortable in a domestic environment.

3. It Takes Time

When introducing a rescue dog to your home and daily routine, it does often take a few weeks or months for them to settle. There will be many ups and downs, and a lot of patience is required. Remember though, you can always phone your vet or the rehoming organisation for advice to help smooth this transition. Anna also recommends training or socialisation classes and explains it may take 2 or 3 months, but you will get there together!

The most important part of adopting an animal in need is that you are providing a lost animal with a forever home where they will be fed, cared for and loved. Though it’s not a decision to be taken lightly, it is a truly rewarding experience.

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