February is Pet Dental Health Month. To celebrate, we will be offering 20% off all dental products and services for the entire month!

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean can prevent a range of health problems as well as helping to help their breath fresh. We would usually recommend developing good teeth cleaning habits with your pet from an early age so that they become used to the sensation of tooth brushing.

Here are some tips for keeping your pets’ teeth and gums clean and healthy:

  • Introduce weekly brushing routine gradually, from an early age. This can be tricky at first, but with perseverance and positive training methods, the pay-off will be worth it. There is a range of pet friendly brushes and toothpastes available to try with your pet.
  • Consider incorporating pet-specific dental chews into your pet’s diet and try to feed your pet a dry food diet.
  • When in doubt, contact us directly to have your pet’s teeth and gums checked and receive tailored advice.

If you would like more information, or to book a Dental Health Check with a nurse, you can do so via our website, or call on 0141 339 1228.